Jilanne Holder Marketing & Business Coach

"Heather is an absolute rockstar when it comes to health and wellness.

In modern life, it’s easy to forget how much we need the sun for our own personal growth.

The 7-day challenge came at the perfect time for me.

As we head into the winter solstice, we need the sun more than ever.

Through Heather’s coaching, I’ve reconnected to what lights me up, both inside and out and spent more time just being outside (even though it’s freezing cold - my son and I wrap up and we go!)

As a busy mum and business owner, Heather knows that most of us don’t have time for hours of self-care so her bite-sized, actionable steps can be completed in just minutes a day.

I highly recommend Heather for all of your personal well-being needs."




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"I'm really impressed with what Sunshine & PowerCuts has to offer.

I enjoyed the 7 Days of Sunshine Challenge.

It's easy to follow, and take action on."


This programme is a great idea, very well put together and easy to follow.

7 days of Sunshine - Powered by You

Day 1

Re-discover what Lights You Up

Day 2

Check In

Day 3

Be Still

Day 4

Unplug Yourself

Day 5

Embrace Persistence

Day 6

Regain Perspective

Day 7